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Bella Swan ([personal profile] withoutnightnostars) wrote2015-10-19 07:07 pm

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Bella was pretty sure the world around her was conspiring against her.

Every channel this morning had to do with weddings. A bridal magazine was on her bed (and she knows it was Alice, dammit Alice, stay out of her future for once), and now, on her radio, all of the radio shows were talking about some star's wedding coming up.

Her eyes hurt from rolling them so hard. She knows she needs to give Edward an answer -- a real answer, not the awkward mumbling she's been doing, but it's hard. For some reason this is way harder than imagining forever. Why is a wedding so scary?

She blames Charlie and Renee. Which is stupid too, and she knows it, but ugh.

Bella slams the door of her truck when she gets to school, hefting her bag on her shoulder. She's just...ready for this to be over. Ready for graduation, ready to get all of this life behind her. Forever.

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